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Computational Psychology Lab


Dietmar Heinke

Alan Wing (UoB), Chris Miall (UoB), Julie Christian (UoB), Andrew Schofield (UoB), Joe Galea (UoB), Carmel Mevorach (UoB), Matej Kristan (Ljubljana), Thomas Trappenberg (Halifax, CA), Shan Xu (Beijing Normal), Francois Osiurak (Lyon), Ahmad Abu-Akel (Lausanne), Diana Orghian (Media Lab, MIT).

Post docs
Dominic Standage Computational modelling

PhD students
Vilius Narbutas Computational modeling of visual search
Julia Wolska Visual attention

Previous lab members
Zorieh Yousefi Agent-based modelling
Shan Xu Affordance and Awareness
Yishin Lin Bayesian hierarchical modelling
Phil Woodgate Towards understaninding visual selective attention: A choice reaching task approach
Soeren Strauss Cognitive robotics approach to visual guided reaching in a multi-object environment.
Greg Carslaw Agent-based modelling of social processes.
Diana Orghian Social Cognition.
Yuanyuan Zhao The effect of varying luminance on Inhibition of Return.
Giles Anderson Top-down modulation of visual attention by cueing in a conjunction search.
Christoph Böhme Computational stimulation of action-driven visual attention and selection.
Andreas Backhaus Computational modelling of visual search and perceptual learning with the Selective Attention for Identification Model (SAIM).
Martin Kreyling Computational modelling of spiking neurons.  
Erini Mavritsaki Biologically plausible neural networks (spiking neurons), computational modelling of visual attention in time and space.
Yaoru Sun    

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